T Saturday, October 22, 2016

What Are Top Online Businesses That Can Keep Your Pockets Full Every Time?

With the gloomy economy surrounding us from every end, there has never come a better time when people are in need of extra check, or even better a more assured source of income; this is without making a big investment up front. Thanks to the power of Internet today we do have some amazing business opportunities that can consistently keep our pocket full along with taking care of our mortgages, utilities and all other regular expenses.
T Friday, October 21, 2016

How to remove unwanted or broken links from Google search results


After a long time I am writing a post about Google webmaster tools. Its because its important to share this information with you guys. The thing which I want to share with you is that after submitting a site to Google webmaster tools, we sometimes find some URL's which are broken and doesn't reach to a content rich page and it is bad for your site because too many broken links will lead to a spammy image of your site and that's not good for your site because it may be removed from search results for ever.
T Thursday, October 06, 2016

How to add 125X125 Ad-space in blogger sidebar

Ad-spaces are always useful because they let you show ads in a different way rather than simple ads. 125X125 ad-space is even more useful than ordinary ad spaces because it lets you to show 4 ads at a time and all ads could be of different ad networks so you earn from all networks. It also adds a star to your site design so your site looks more professional. Also 125X125 ad-space compress your ads in a small area so if you want you can show 8 ads by just consuming ad space of 2 square ads, hence it is a beneficial thing.
T Sunday, October 02, 2016

How to find RSS feeds of blogger blog

How to find RSS feeds of blogger blog

RSS feed is a source of latest posts in a blog or website. It contains a bunch of text with some summery from a post, its title, category, publish date etc. RSS feeds are required sometimes for some gadgets like recent post widget and sometimes it is need to submit RSS feed to certain websites which index your blog or site post on there site or promote your site's post so they require a link to your site to get all the latest info from your site once otherwise it will take a lot of time to index posts.
T Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to show star ratings in Google search results - Blogger

how to show star ratings snnipet in blogger

Google rich snippets allow you to make your site's search results view better to get maximum visitors. And it is seen that sites with rich snippets enabled get more visitor specially sites selling products or sites about review of any ad network or site with cooking recipes. Among Google rich snippets most popular are search box in search results and star ratings widget because most of sites are able to show them for their search results but not all! other rich snippets like logo of company or organization or social profiles in search results appear only for big companies or organization.
T Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to increase Google Adsense earnings - Boost Adsense revenue


Google Adsense is a strict ad network thats why its approval, making money with it, maintaining it is not easy. You need to keep focus on wrong clicks, right clicks, traffic, code placement and modifications and also you need to check that your ad code should not be on other sites. You should use your Adsense account with very care otherwise you will get banned. So to increase your adsense earnings you need to work in such limits that your earnings are increased without getting banned. So in this post I will tell you how to increase adsense earnings without getting banned.